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Forensic Services

Financial Matters and Crimes

The Mittelstadt Firm enjoys a close working relationship with many professionals and experts rich in experience and reputation. Higher-profile criminal investigators handled by the firm that involve the various types of financial crimes are often conducted in association with Joseph T. Pagani and Associates, Inc. These cases generally involve allegations of extensive fraud, including:
  • Embezzlement
  • Customs, Immigration and IRS Violations
  • Money Laundering
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • So-called "White Collar" Crimes

Forensic Accounting

Charles Mittelstadt and Joe Pagani have a long history of working in partnership, together investigating cases that have at times involved hundreds of witnesses and even hundreds of thousands of pages of discovery.

Having served over 24 years in the IRS Criminal Investigation Division and retired as the 2nd highest ranking position nationwide (Deputy Assistant Commissioner), Joe Pagani is a proven asset to both civil and criminal cases involving financial allegations.

Joe Pagani with Ronald Reagan

He is retainable in a technical, tactical and investigative capacity as well as an expert witness.

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics services are routinely offered in cases requiring computer data investigation and analysis. Whether involving misuse or a crime, our experts specialize in a wide range of case-related applications.

Forensic Resources, an affiliated partner of The Mittelstadt Firm, leads the industry in their commitment to the Computer Forensics, IT Security and E-Discovery industry.

Our services have helped build permanent and contract expert teams of specialists on both coasts since 2003. Forensics Resources is a terrific asset to a corporation planning expansion into this rapidly-growing field, as well as an excellent resource for an individual with an IT security issue dealing with computer forensics.

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