Charles Mittelstadt


Charles D. Mittelstadt, CCDI

Throughout Charles' colorful career, he has devoted himself to protecting his clients. In the beginning, it was in the more conventional sense, while performing executive protection and private contract work on multiple continents with corporate, government and celebrity clients. Several years later, he applied the same skills he developed and used to navigate clients around danger to the protection of the rights of those accused of crimes in this country.

Charles believes fervently in due process and has always been committed to doing his part to ensure that defendants are afforded their inherent right to a fair trial, regardless of guilt or innocence.

Charles is arguably one of the most experienced high-profile case criminal defense investigators in the U.S., having led countless investigations for impressive defense teams and famous/notorious defendants nationally, including professional athletes, celebrities, politicians and business leaders. He is routinely invited as a guest commentator/legal analyst on network and cable shows (CourtTV, Oxygen, Dateline NBC, HLN, CNN, InSession, Investigation Discovery) and to speak at continuing legal education, security and investigation seminars.

Charles continues to consult with some of the largest, most successful corporations in the world on security and investigative matters. He has a degree in Criminal Justice and holds Board Certifications (CCDI – Certified Criminal Defense Investigator and CPP - Certified Protection Professional/1997-2011) in both security and investigation disciplines.

In 2008, Charles founded the 13 ½ Foundation (, a non-profit devoted to exposing obscure yet devastating flaws within the judicial system and public education through more realistic television and major motion picture scriptwriting about these issues - the end goal being to give lawmakers appropriate political cover to bring about much needed changes. Charles also continues to be an active member of the Legal Advisory Committee to the Georgia Innocence Project (

Charles is retainable without geographic limitations for consulting and specialized investigation.

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