The Mittelstadt Firm Investigation


Widely recognized as one of the premier Criminal Defense Investigation firms in the country, under the leardership of Charles Mittelstadt, The Mittelstadt Firm, ISC's investigative division, prides itself on working hand in hand with some of the most skilled and recognized attorneys in the country. In most instances, our clients rely on our experience to review, assess and develop investigative strategies that are responsible for testing the veracity of the state or government's evidence and achieving the primary goal of ensuring due process.

The firm is committed to having the highest skills in areas including forensic interviewing, witness location, dossier development and assembly, report writing, live testimony, witness preparation and assessment, case assessment and intake, testimonial evidence preservation, physical evidence assessment, development and preservation, records history review and retrieval, and direct/cross examination preparation.

The Mittelstadt firm has been involved in numerous sensational, high-profile cases to include:

  • USA v. Eric Rudolph (Confessed Olympic Park and Abortion Clinic Bomber)
  • State v. Ray Lewis (NFL Player - Defendant Reginald Oakley)
  • State V. Sheriff Victor Hill (Seated Sheriff)
  • State v. Jamal Lewis (NFL Player)
  • State v. Clifford Harris AKA TI (Entertainer)
  • USA v. Kaplan et al. (Gold Club Case - Defendant Jackie Bush)
  • USA v. Mayor William C. Campbell
  • State v. Radric Davis AKA Gucci Mane (Entertainer)
  • State v. Dionne Baugh (Profiled on Investigation Discovery & Oxygen, "Red Bone" book)
  • USA v. Jamal Lewis (NFL Player)
  • USA v. Senator Charles Walker
  • USA v. Scrushy (HealthSouth's behalf)
  • Ben Rothlisberger Investigations (On his behalf in GA & NV)
  • State v. James Sullivan (The "Palm Beach Murder")
  • State v. Dany Heatley (NFL Hockey Player)
The Mittelstadt Firm has been involved in investigating hundreds of homicides, violent property and sex crimes as well as white collar crimes including fraud, tax matters, identity theft and embezzlement. Investigative assignments pertaining to civil cases are also routinely accepted in matters involving slander, defamation of character, wrongful death, corporate litigation and more.

When retained through legal counsel, our clients enjoy the same attorney/client privilege with members of our firm directly involved in their cases. Our clients are assured discrete and timely updates, reliable communications, professionally written reports and a strong court presence when called upon.

The Mittelstadt Firm High-Profile Cases